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this weekend, i played in a basketball tournament with my club team, SMC Pistons.  our team sucks but we picked up a few good players from other teams so we ended up winning both of our games and get to play next weekend in the semifinals.  this post isn’t going to be about the tournament but, rather, basketball in general, with an emphasis on my team.

biology sorta dictates how the game is played in japan.  smaller, quicker people equals more quick guard-play and less grind-it-out post play.  every other play is a fast break, which is a game that i don’t play well right now. (i was made for that game when i played 4-5x a week in college, but i can’t get my stamina or speed up at this point while playing only once a week)  because there’s so many fast breaks, when teams get into the offense they don’t do a lot with the ball.  lots of one-on-one with no ball or player movement.

yuta tabuse used quickness to make the NBA (for a short time)

yuta tabuse used quickness to make the NBA (for a short time)

and that’s the thing that gets me.  the players on my team treat me like a crappy player because i’m always in the “wrong” spot or make “bad” plays.  the way i’ve always played is to move without the ball: set screens, cut to open spots, etc.  for my current team, i just clutter things up

i began to doubt whether i was a good basketball player and if i had the required basketball IQ to continue playing into my twilight years.  (most NBA players are hitting their peaks around my age but they also get paid a LOT of money to play a game)  when i went home for the summer, i played with the wednesday night basketball crew and everything fit together.  i was in all the right places, made the right decisions, and had a lot of fun again, so i doubt it’s my IQ.

this douche gets $25M/yr to pound his chest and scream and then mess up his knee.  karma, bitch.

this douche gets $25M/yr to pound his chest and scream, and then mess up his knee. karma, bitch.

i’m now resigned to the fact that i’m not playing good basketball here but will take advantage of the fact that i get to touch a ball and play in a gym for free.  it’s a good way to stay in playing shape for when i move back to LA and get back into the jleague tournaments.



this is a rant about japanese girls’ basketball.  i’ve seen plenty of very good basketball players but they all have one thing in common: they all shoot with two hands.  i’m gonna take a wild guess and say that it’s a gender strength bias thing.  women aren’t exactly treated as equals here, so i wouldn’t be surprised to hear they’re taught a 2-handed shot because”girls are weaker.”

japanese women's basketball

(this is by no means an admittance that i like women’s basketball because i still think it’s painfully boring.  the WNBA can only benefit from lowering the rims to 9 feet. the NBA is entertaining because of the back-door alley-oops and tomahawk jams.  breakaway layups don’t make the sportscenter top 10.  dunking is the main draw of the sport, and when only one person in the league can do it, you lose a LOT of your marketability.  lower the rim to 9 feet and you may start seeing some girls dunking in traffic.  show us candace parker banging on diana turasi’s ugly mug.  i’d definitely tune in to see that.)

point made: type in "vince carter dunk" into google images and this comes up.  people are remembered for amazing highlights.

people are remembered for amazing highlights. (google images search "vince carter dunk" or "best dunk ever")


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  1. As one who has played in a bball tournament in Japan before… I feel your pain/rant. Don’t worry about your bball IQ, you definitely play the right way…

    I also thought they let a lot of contact go without calls… like the hella hand-checking/major riding-the-ballhandler kind… Might just be the refs I had, but I’m curious if it’s more of a universal thing in Japan



  2. you’re right. handchecks, hooks, etc. pretty much get away scott free. this guy hooked me so bad that i got stuck to him and got a foul called on me. it’s pretty ridiculous.



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