the girl for me

Posted on Oct. 29, 2009 by geoffropuff

for those of you thinking that this is gonna be some mushy ode to mickie, you couldn’t be more wrong.  this is about the perfect girl (not a reference to 3421’s hit song) for me (also not a reference to my favorite short story by haruki murakami) and by perfect for me, i mean quite possibly the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen.  she is SO pretty that mickie gave me the thumbs up should i ever get the chance.

me: kuroki meisa?shes HOTi’ve been on her jock for yearsMickie: hahahahame: if i have a chance to hook up with her, you don’t mind, right?Mickie: LOLgo aheadme: you won’t break up with me?Mickie: lol nopei’ll give you a high fiveme: will you join us?😉Mickie: lol nope
the evidence is out there.  if any of you hear that mickie broke up with me cuz i hooked up with a japanese model/celebrity, you got my back, right?

and without further ado…

kuroki meisa tanktop

kuroki meisa light eyes

kuroki meisa 2010 calendar


edit: here’s a bonus picture i stole from her website.  i say stole because her website has a script that doesn’t allow you to right-click.  i blew up the website and then prt-scrn.  woot for 1337 hacker skillz!

meisa and a doggy

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4 Responses to “the girl for me”

  1. Look! it says “I like nice boys”on her shirt.

    You have a chance!!

    bc you know you’re really nice..



  2. i know, nice, funny, friendly, AND handsome like nobody’s business. of COURSE i have a chance.



  3. You’re really nice… *insert awkward smile*



  4. omg. She’s hot!!!!
    Maybe if I see her, I’ll ask her to take a pic with me and not puss out 🙁



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