the things you see in japan

Posted on Sep. 13, 2009 by geoffropuff

i saw two weird things in japan today:

1. i was at the gym and saw some strange commercial.  there was definitely a lady breast-feeding and she definitely wasn’t covered up.  at the end of the commercial, they even had a closeup shot of a baby having at a boob.  funny and disturbing at the same time.  (this picture isn’t the exact one but it definitely resembles the one on the commercial)

breast-feeding uncovered

2. japan is racist.  this is especially true when it comes to black people.  anytime there is a picture or some kind of animated picture of a black person, it’s always some crazy stereotyped version that i’m pretty sure japanese people actually see when they spot a black person.  the only normal animated black character i’ve seen is the one in the upcoming final fantasy 13 game.  and even he has this huge afro to make him look slightly less regular (albeit the afro is awesome and i wish i could grow one just like it).

final fantasy afro

this past year, my friend stephen (who is from new york but has roots in ghana) was wearing a cowboy hat at the park.  yes, someone wearing a cowboy hat is slightly strange but the fact that he was a black man in japan meant that, literally, a group of people walked up to him and asked to take pictures with him.  he’s not the bearded lady at the circus (no offense to her or the glorious beard that i cannot grow for the patchiness) so just let the guy alone.  he wasn’t disturbed by it because he’s used to things like that but it really made me feel strange.

anyways, the whole reason i got onto this subject was the following picture on a coca-cola label, of all places.   isn’t coke an american company?  can’t they have one american in all their distributed countries that looks over things like “dee-bo wearing brass knuckles” on a bottle of japanese coke?  come on now.

racist coke bottle

and don’t get me wrong, everyone’s a little bit racist.  myself included.  i just don’t think a large international corporation should allow things like to happen.  it stinks of carelessness.  what will we see next, miley cyrus doing the chink eye for mcdonalds in london?

miley cyrus chink eye

(on a side note, there’s this DORKY ASS white guy advertising for mcdonalds right now.  *sigh*  japanese people love to bag on foreigners and this dude is just giving them more ammo…)



these are some of the things that you see in japan…

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  1. i literally laughed out loud at my friends’ house while reading this for no apparent reason to them so… thank you for making me laugh and look like an idiot. xoxo


    your favorite sister

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