stuffed bell peppers

Posted on Sep. 11, 2009 by geoffropuff

so what do you do when you forget your japanese books at school so cannot make it to lesson?  you cook stuffed bell peppers of course!  my japanese teacher’s friend gave me some veggies from her garden earlier this week so i decided to cook ’em up.  i got 5 small piman (bell peppers), 2 nasu (eggplants), and 7 small cherry tomatoes (don’t know the japanese name for those).  in my fridge, i also had some carrots and broccoli.

cutting board bell peppers

being a little adventurous, i thought stuffed bell peppers would be a good idea, with a side of stir fried veggies.  well, i didn’t stir fry the tomatoes, choosing instead to pop those badboys in my mouth like pieces of candy.  (for those of you who knew me as a child, yes, i actually eat veggies now [although, tomatoes are probably considered a fruit cuz they have seeds {which means that bell peppers are actually fruits too cuz i had to scrape the seeds out}]).  eggplant, carrot, and broccoli stir fry with sesame oil and  special spices straight from okinawa.  i’d have to say that they weren’t too bad.  i mean veggies are veggies but at least i ate them.

stir fried veggies

for my stuffed bell peppers, i took some potatoes, skinned and boiled them, then mixed the with some baked salmon and black pepper.  put the little potato concoction into the bell peppers then tried to katsu them.  unfortunately, i forgot that i threw out my flour when i moved so i had to just egg and panko the peppers, which didnt turn out so well because the peppers are so slippery so the panko wouldn’t stick.  i had to double dip and sorta just hope that it worked.

salmon potato stuffing

stuffed peppers ready for panko

well, they weren’t much to look at but tasted pretty damn good, even the elephant man with cancer looking one.  just another dish to add to my repertoire.

bell peppers in the fryer

fully fried bell peppers

bell pepper and stir fried veggies dinner

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  1. yum… makes me hungry just looking at the pictures =) glad you’re eating healthier (you know the veggies and all) but they kinda lose their healthiness when you fry them
    i also really enjoyed the multiple parentheses within each other that made you end up using various styles of brackets…very nerdy of you. haha


    your favorite sister

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