possible blog change

Posted on Sep. 6, 2009 by geoffropuff

i’m currently debating changing my blog.  mickie and i just purchased mikimousy.com and geoffropuff.com so i’m thinking about moving my blog over there but under the joomla! format.  i’m a bit torn because i really enjoy wordpress, but at the same time joomla! is a better medium through which to build a site.  it can be a blog.  it can have a message board.  it can cook me dinner.  you know, much more flexibility.  i’ll probably lose some of the features that i like so much about wordpress since joomla! isn’t a dedicated blogging software, but i guess the idea of jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none sorta kicks in.

oh well, we’ll see how it goes.  until i make a firm decision, you can continue coming here for all my thoughts on life in the motherland.  yall come back now, ya hear?

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One Response to “possible blog change”

  1. 1. i doubt it can actually cook you dinner
    2. i really wanna buy my domain name but mostly only because i was reading an article that said the best way to protect your online identity is to do so
    3. you can blog through tumblr and attach it to your own domain name
    4. since when are you a hilbilly from beverly hills
    and 5. love you =) xoxo


    Your favorite sister

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