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Posted on Sep. 27, 2009 by geoffropuff

i love when mickie comes to visit me because i get to have a little bit of the normalcy of hanging out and relaxing at home.  i got to cook breakfast, order pizza, eat katsu, almost cut my finger off, see nipple hats, etc.  you know, the usual.

breakfast w/mickie

i cooked breakfast for mickie a couple times and in the process tried to yakuza myself (aka cut off my pinky).  vegetable peelers are SRS BZNS!  it wasn’t that big a cut but there was kinda a lot of blood.

it actually was worse than this picture portrays.  i swear!

it actually was worse than this picture portrays. i swear! (the skin was flapping around before the bandaid...)

mickie and i ordered pizza (which is super fancy and crazy delicious in japan), 1 potato teriyaki chicken mayo thin-crust pizza and 1 bacon brie cheese original-crust pizza.  if pizzas didn’t cost like $80 each i would order them like every week.

teri chicken potato mayo pizza

teri chicken potato mayo pizza

bacon brie pizza

bacon brie pizza

we went to eat lunch with my japanese teacher at the BEST katsu restaurant in the world.  i am not kidding at all.  the pork is thick and juicy but not fatty.  the breaded outer parts are crunchy but don’t scratch the roof of your mouth.  even the sauce tastes better than normal katsu sauce.  and it comes with shiso rice and special miso soup.  best katsu EVAR!

best katsu EVAR

best katsu EVAR

mickie and i went shopping around and, of course, i had a “only in japan” moment.  mickie wanted a cute halloween costume for the halloween party she’s throwing at 410 boyd (leave a comment if you’re interested in attending this party/fundraiser) and i found a nipple hat and banana peel underwear.  yes, they both look as ridiculous as they sound.  the nipple hat is a nipple on a hat, and the banana undies have a peel covering a convenient area BUT THE PEEL PEELS AWAY TO EXPOSE A “BANANA!!!!!!”  see for yourself.

nipple hatbanana undies

man, UFO crane game machines are super hard.  i must’ve dropped 20 bucks on random machines and came back empty handed.  the One Piece chopper figure still eludes me until this day.

UFO chopper

we hung out with friends a few nights.  the most ridiculous night was late night karaoke and slumber party afterwards.  cary, steve, emiko, and shinichi stayed over with me and mickie at my apartment.  mickie and i went to sleep cuz we were going to the studio ghibli museum the next day but the other crazy bastards didn’t sleep til 6am.  i kicked ’em out at 945.

shin-chan and cary

the ghibli museum was really cool.  if you love ghibli films, you’ll love the museum.  there are even these cute little totoro signs leading from the train station the whole 1100m to the museum.  unfortunately, no pictures allowed inside so we only got a few outside and on the roof.

totoro sign

totoro in a booth

ghibli entrance

mickie, me, and laputa robot closeup

mickie, me, and laputa robot further back

we also went to see mickie’s cousin’s bunka-sai play, which was a loosely-based interpretation of hansel and gretel.  i think loose is sort of understating this interpretation.  this interpretation was…hmmm, what’s a good analogy…ahhh…porn star loose.  there were no breadcrumbs, not sure it was a house made of sweets, the witch was actually a magician and he didn’t try to keep them there but only chatted with them, they played ds together, then boom, they’re all taking their bows.  awesome.

shiho, bachan, and mickie

shiho, bachan, and mickie

lookin' sexy in my flu...errrr...infurenza mask

lookin' sexy in my flu...errrr...infurenza mask

and i guess that’s the gist of mickie’s trip.  hanging with friends, chilling out together, finding nipple hats, ghibli museum, and porn star plays.  can’t wait for her next trip!

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