todd’s twin

Posted on Jun. 17, 2009 by geoffropuff

again, i haven’t really posted anything lately cuz i haven’t really done anything lately.  i took this picture a during grant’s trip, but i totally forgot i had it.  i found todd’s twin on japanese television.

it’s weird, cuz in japan i’ve seen SOOO many twins for people back home.  (i’ve even seen MY twin.  check out my facebook profile pictures to see what i’m talking about)  i guess when you live in a country that’s almost all japanese, you tend to find people that look similar to others.  (i just watched a drama with an actor that looks just like matsu jun, another actor, but that’s a different point)

anyways, here’s my good old buddy todd.

eiffel tower!

eiffel tower!

okay, that’s not a good picture cuz you can’t see his face very well, but todd and i are eiffel towering tak.  if you don’t know what that is, well, imagine us with no clothes with these same looks on our faces.  btw, tak is visiting me soon.  can’t wait for that.  maybe we’ll eiffel tower an old obachan on the girls’ car of the train!

whatever, here’s a picture of my good buddy, todd.



and here’s todd’s twin brother.  it’s uncanny, i swear…

todd's twin brother fa sho

todd's twin brother fa sho

now tell me that isn’t crazy-go-nuts (shout out to you homestarrunner fans, errr strongbad fans).  i seriously cracked up out loud when i saw that photo on the train.  people were looking at me wondering, “why is this guy laughing at the picture?  and why is he taking a photo of it?”  you know why i did it?  to share it with all of YOU.  telling the story doesn’t do the picture justice.  so there, enjoy.

truly amazing…

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  1. LOL! that’s crazyyyy!!


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