last week's craziness

Posted on Apr. 12, 2009 by geoffropuff

last week had a lot of different things going on so i’ll try to just mention something little about each.  first of all, the sakura were in full bloom this week.  i don’t usually say beautiful unless i’m talking about a chicken deluxe burrito from burnt tortilla (you can probably tell how much i miss mexican food) but man the trees looked amazing (i told you i don’t usually say beautiful).

sakura at ichikashi

We also had the welcoming ceremony for the first year students.  I thought it would be a short assembly where we just say hi, introduce them to the new teachers, etc. but it was this huge ceremony.  in fact, it was almost an exact replica of graduation.  at graduation, every senior’s name is called so they stand up and say, “Hai!”  for the welcome ceremony, they do the same thing, i guess as a way to show that each student is accepted into this new school.  i dunno, i thought it was long and boring but another teacher told me japanese people love ceremonies.  parents were there taking pictures, and some of the dads were sleeping, which is what i wanted to be doing.

welcome ceremony

this past friday had two events, my final driving test and the welcome/farewell to the new/old teachers.  this was my third time taking the test and the fourth time i had to take time off work to do it, so i decided that if i didn’t pass this time then i would just quit and take the bus next year.  out of twelve people to take the test, i was the only one to pass.  that S turn was still quite difficult but i nailed it.  WOOHOO!  the whole process took forever but i now can legally drive in japan past the expiration of my international driver’s permit.  on a side note, stupid new driver’s license demagnetized my ATM card. i only have $20 to my name.  what to do…

japanese driver's test map

the english department hosted the party we had for the new/old teachers so they asked karl and i to MC in english.  of course we had a screen with japanese translations behind us, but it was a fun thing to host.  i hate hearing my voice on the mic.  i don’t think anyone likes hearing their own voice but whatever.  the thing i really wanted to mention, though, is that the teachers got crazy again.  did any of you watch the WBC when japan won and they threw the coaches up in the air?  yeah, the teachers were throwing all the departing teachers in the air.  they even threw the ex-volleyball coach in the air.  yes, she’s a woman.  yes, she was wearing a skirt.  also, one of the teachers i never talked to even once came and told me he loved me and gave me a big hug.  i think people here are so suppressed sometimes that when they let it out, they let it OUT.

tossing teachers

lastly, cary and i met up with some of the students that we hosted in torrance our senior year of high school.  i thought we were only going to meet up with 4 or 5 of the guys, but we met with like 12 people.  it was so fun and very natsukashiiiiiiii.  we had dinner and drinks, then went to this underground hip hop club.  it was so underground that it was on the second floor of a office building.  i think my apartment is the size of the club, literally.  it was great seeing everyone.

karen, akari, emiko, ayano kashiwa group me and yoshi tsubasa yoshi peeing in a bush tsubasa, shinichi, chiaki cary's manlove

oh, one other random thing.  for the first time in my life, i saw a ladybug with a black shell and red spots.  weird, right?

reverse ladybug

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  1. looks like you had fun
    oh, and of course you ended with the ladybug…


    your favorite sister

  2. funny that you posted a ladybug picture..
    I just saw my first ladybug of 2009 while walking in front of San Pedro Firm Building.

    then 15 min later I saw a smashed ladybug on the ground.. around the same area…

    is that bad luck?



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