dinner with mika (AND SUMO)

Posted on Apr. 5, 2009 by geoffropuff

mika, my former coworker, just moved to japan to find a job.  she was in tokyo this weekend so i decided to meet her for dinner tonight, you know, to welcome her to the area.  we met in akihabara for yakitori, only i didn’t know she has been a pescatarian for the past 10 years.  with my hopes of gently barbecued chicken skin dashed, we set out in search of sushi gansa.  (thank you mickie for emailing me with where this hole in the wall sushi place is.  who would have thought a restaurant in akihabara could be hole in the wall.)

mika and i went to this sushi restaurant that had stylized writing for it’s name.  it looked like someone made the sign in calligraphy pen, which looks nice but to foreigners is a bit difficult to read.  mika and i tried to ride an elevator up to the 5th floor where this restaurant was located and almost ended up on the employees only freight elevator, but eventually found the right place.  when we get up to the 5th floor, we step out of the elevator to be greeted with the usual “irasshai mase” by the hostess.  there’s only one problem, this place was not a kaiten zushi (conveyer belt sushi).  this place was called ganKO, not ganSO.  super awkward because the lady wants to seat us at a table that we don’t want to sit at.  with faster wits than myself, mika tells the lady we were meeting friends and this happens to be the wrong place.  seriously the longest 15 seconds of my life waiting for that damn elevator to come get us.

we end up at sushi gan and it was really good.  i was going to welcome mika to japan by buying her dinner but she was able to tell the hostess “betsu betsu” before i could say “issho ni.”  oh well, instead of buying her sushi, i bought her mochi ice cream dessert.

there were more details but i’m too tired.  that’s the gist of my story.

OH, and i saw sumo wrestlers on the ride home on the train.  instead of doing the “touristy” thing and asking to take a picture with them, i did the “stalkery” thing and pretended i was checking my camera and snapped a photo of them unawares.  makes me feel like i was playing pokemon snap all over again.

sneaky sumo

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  1. what a cheapskate… mochi ice cream
    haha… love that you decided to be even creepier than the average tourist and snap a picture without them knowing or realizing… that’s my brother!


    your favorite sister

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