sick as a dog and basketball

Posted on Mar. 16, 2009 by geoffropuff

so this past weekend i was sick as a dog, a squatting, diarrheaing dog.  i had a stomach virus that, i guess has been going around lately.  it started on thursday when karl and i went with a group of students to narita airport for their trip to torrance.  on the trip, one of the students offered me some takuan, and while i don’t like takuan, i didn’t want to be rude so i ate a piece.  that turned out to be my downfall (no rotten takuan, but yay for eating diseased food!).  later on the bus ride, this student started feeling really terrible, to the point where we had to stop at a restroom.  i didn’t think anything of it, maybe her being nervous about leaving the country for the first time.

on friday, karl really didn’t feel too well.  his stomach hurt and he just felt really beat down.  he had thought he might have gotten a mild case of food poisoning or something.  i felt okay, so i never put it together.  later after work, i started feeling kinda tired and a little nauseous.  still, i didn’t put two and two together.  i was well enough to make it to basketball practice, but afterwards i felt pretty bad.  i didn’t even eat dinner, i just went to bed.

saturday was the fun day.  for those of you in the know, i had some 3.5 EXPLOSIVE all day.  i drank a lot of extra fluids, and i didn’t pee once.  well, i didn’t urinate, cuz i totally peed out of my butt.  it was pretty nasty, and it hurt like a…  you’re probably saying, this is graphic and nasty, which it is, but it’s my life.  for those of you who don’t know, poo is a huge subject in my life.  maybe the most important subject in my life.  my life revolves around poo (ask mickie).  i have always had slight digestive problems, which were exacerbated by the fact that i had my gall bladder removed.  at that point in time, i had diarama for 6 months straight.  not.  one.  solid.

okay, i’m sure you’re tired of hearing about my bowel movements, so i’ll tell you about sunday.  i felt quite a bit better on sunday, not 100% but much better.  in fact, i’m still not 100%.  anyways, i played in a basketball tournament on sunday.  i’ve been playing with a club team for the last couple months, and this is my first tournament with them.  probably my last tournament with them, as they are disbanding soon, so i’ll enjoy my time with them.  i definitely enjoyed this past sunday because we won both games.  that puts us in the semifinals next week!  hopefully i can get a picture of us all in our uniforms.  SMC PISTONS, WHAT!

i had forgotten how much my body hurts the day after intense, competitive basketball.  i woke up this morning with aches and pains all over the place, which is not surprising since the guy i was guarding hit me with no less than 4 elbows in the last 5 minutes of the game.  he even blessed me with a takedown where he landed on me WHILE elbowing me.  i forgot the pain.  i missed the pain.  i love the pain.  bring on the semifinals!

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2 Responses to “sick as a dog and basketball”

  1. oh, how basketball gets back at us when we are no longer under the age of 18 and able to quickly recover… hopefully you’re doing better than i the day after my first basketball tournament back, although our team played four games on the first day unlike your measly two 😉


    your favorite sister

  2. mmm, dookie and digestive problems. we should share more stories! did you get hemmoroids too?

    i think a month or two after you moved out of the old camino tranquilo house was when i experienced ecoli from an undercooked hamburger. i’ll tell you about that one the next time i see you hahhaaha.



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