ichiro, green tea oreo mcflurry, and spring break

Posted on Mar. 25, 2009 by geoffropuff

like the title says, this post is going to be about ichiro, green tea oreo mcflurries, and spring break.  first, ichiro.  i don’t really know what to say except that he came out of his slump at the right time.  i watched it in the teacher’s room with the other teachers, and while we couldn’t really get super into it like at a sports bar or something, there was some definite chest bumping.  okay, i kid.  japanese people don’t play it like that.

the game reminded me of college when my roomies and i watched the first WBC semifinal.  korea vs. japan.  my apartment consisted of a mexican, a chinese, a korean, and a japanese.  freddie (mexican) wanted korea for some reason that i don’t quite remember.  steve (korean) obviously wanted korea to win.  gene (chinese) didn’t really care cuz china didn’t even play or something, but his girlfriend joan is korean, so they were for korea.  steve’s brother james and cousin brian were also over at the house.  plus, gene’s girlfriend is a triplet, so the other two sisters were over too.  it was 8 for korea and 1 little ol’ me for japan.  korea had it in the bag but their pitching gave it back to us.  i don’t exactly remember how it went down, but i’m thinking that ichiro was part of that too.  i’m glad that he was able to rip their hearts out again this year.  don’t get me wrong, i don’t dislike korea.  but when you’re rooting against a whole houseful of people and you win, there’s a lot of “suck it, bitch!”es going around.

today i had mcdonalds for lunch.  we don’t have any students at school, so we can sorta come and go for lunch as we please.  karl and i hit up mickey d’s, or MAKKU in japanese.  the ebi filet sandwich was delicious as always, but something special caught my eye.  about a month ago, i had a strawberry shortcake mcflurry.  it was absopositively deeeericious!  today, there was a big sign for a green tea oreo mcflurry.  i thought about it for a second.  in the past, hadn’t i ridiculed debra fong and dean matsubayashi for eating green tea pinkberry with oreo toppings?  yes i had.  well, call me a hypocrite but that thing was O-EEE-SHIIIII!  what follows is a picture of this delicacy before it entered the bottomless pit known as gee-offs belly.

awesome in a cup

awesome in a cup

right now, i’m on spring break, sorta.  since i’m an employee of the kashiwa board of education, i have to be at school even when the students aren’t.  that means, if i want to take any time off, i have to use my vacation time.  i will be coming home for a full month in the summer, so i gotta save it.  that’s right, i’ll be home for a full month during the summer.  can’t wait to see everyone.  and burritos.  mmmm, burritos…  oh, and mickie.  yeah, mickie…

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  1. umm… first, ichiro. there are only about 20 asian kids in my law school class and about 16 of them are korean and only 1 is japanese (ok, and a happa girl but i dont count her for the sake of this comment because she is canadian) and i totally understand the sweetness of being the only one rooting for Japan and winning =). second, thanks a lot for making me want an apparent delicacy that they will never offer in the states, esp syracuse. and third, shouldn’t mickie come before burritos? and doesn’t your family, namely you sister, beat out burritos too? c’mon!


    your favorite sister

  2. first of all damn ichiro

    second, the 2006 game, we can blame the biggest moster cock choking during crunch time situations of all time, mr. byung hyun kim (see 2001 world series against the yankees)



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