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the japanese school system is much different than the american school system.  there are so many differences that i won’t even try to list all of them.  just know that one major difference is that the seniors get to skip the last two months of school.  you heard me right, from the end of january to march, the 3rd year graduating students do not have to attend school.  i guess they have to take some entrance exams for college, then take the rest of the time off as a reward for working so hard throughout their high school careers.

can you guys who went to american high school imagine this scenario.  you just worked your butt off studying for AP tests.  the tests come and you take them.  you’re not sure what your score was, but at the moment you don’t care.  you know why?  cuz you’re done with F-ing high school!  that’s why!  it’s pretty much the same thing.

anyways, before the seniors ride off into the sunset (or sunrise?  japan IS the land of the rising sun…i’m so funny) they get one last goodbye ceremony, well, besides graduation which they come back for in march.  it’s called the yousenkai, and it’s held in a big theater hall in kashiwa.  the music club performs, brass band performs, lower grade students say their goodbyes through video tributes, and the teachers put on a skit.  i didn’t really understand what they were saying, but i definitely understand that some of the teachers cross-dressed and others wore some ridiculous wigs while pretending to be students.  while this ceremony doesn’t make up for the fact that they don’t have prom here, it was pretty darn awesome.

not much more to say about this, so i’ll leave you with some pictures of the event.  sorry if you can’t really see the pics, my camera sucks…



brass band

brass band

cross dressing teachers

cross dressing teachers

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  1. you’re not as funny as you think 😉


    Your favorite sister

  2. don’t lie, you were one of the cross-dressers



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