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Posted on Jan. 17, 2009 by geoffropuff

so the reason you haven’t really heard from me lately is because there’s not really anything new.  after mickie left, i felt really lonely for a few days.  now i’m back to the grind.  actually, one thing that’s pretty new is i started taking japanese lessons.  nakano-sensei is really nice and a good teacher.  i’m hoping that she will teach me enough so i can at least hold a normal conversation with someone (aka mickie’s parents).

i played basketball twice last weekend and boy did my body hurt.  i didn’t do any exercise while mickie was here, so it came back to bite me in the ass.  i’ve been playing with my friend lorenzo and his club team.  i get to practice with them every week, and i’m hoping they will pick me up so i can play in tournaments with them too.  i miss j-league back home…

i guess i will leave you with a funny story/picture.  so apparently there was this billboard at the train station advertising a new television drama.  on this poster is a pretty woman looking pretty in a kimono from way back.  i guess it’s supposed to be a time piece.  anyways, also on this billboard is a picture of the other main character, a man who plays a peasant, samurai, or something.  i don’t really know cuz i haven’t watched the show.  this guy looks exactly like me.  it’s kinda weird seeing yourself make a funny face on the billboard.  i saw a bit of the drama and he doesn’t look like me as much on the show, but man it’s uncanny.

so funny story, when mickie was in japan, her friend mina called her and was like, GEOFF’S COPY IS ON TV.  so we changed the channel, and sure enough it was him.  like i said, he doesn’t look all that much like me except in the picture, but it was funny because as soon as we turn on the show, he’s being retarded.  he was on the ground on his knees, and for some strange reason he rubbed a handful of dirt on his face.  now if you know me and my sometimes tasteless (aka racist) humor, you would know that blackface is something, well, i have a japanese stuffed animal of a tarbaby.  i should probably explain myself, but all i’ll say is that it was a gift (thanks takamasa!).

anyways, this guy rubs dirt all over his face and asks the main character to marry him.  the next scene is his funeral.  i was seriously laughing SOOOOOOO hard.  first i find out i’m on tv.  next i see myself doing blackface.  then i’m dead.  that couldn’t have been more funny, even if the story was about my life.  okay, that was longer than i wanted, so i’ll just leave you with a thought and a picture.  here’s the thought: i am not racist.  i just find race related humor funny, when done in good taste (a hard line to draw, i know, but i know what’s funny and what isn’t).  and being in japan where it’s more or less a homogenous society, that type of humor comes around often.  here’s the picture:

me standing next to me?

me standing next to me?

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  1. so i really thought that someone photoshopped your face into the picture but i’m even more impressed that someone didn’t! haha


    your favorite sister

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