mickie's trip to japan

Posted on Jan. 10, 2009 by geoffropuff

there are so many different things to say about mickie’s trip to japan.  i don’t want to bore you with all the details of the trip, so i’ll just highlight a few things.

  • we went to nikko and stayed a “pension” that had a private bath on our balcony.  it was cold, but i got to see snow fall for the first time in my life.  btw, the food that the pension served was awesome.  (pension is basically a big house with a few rooms, common dining room, etc.)
  • we spent new year’s eve watching movies in meguro at her grandmother’s apartment.  her uncle lives there currently, but he cleared out so we could be closer to tokyo for the following morning.  milk is a great movie, and zack and miri isn’t too bad either.  not great, but entertaining enough
  • new year’s day was spent with her grandmother.  we had ozouni in the morning, then visited a shrine.  it was kinda crazy how long the lines at the shrines are on new year’s.  after the shrine, we ate mcdonalds, or makudonarudo, for lunch.  in the afternoon, we played uno with her cousin until dinner.  osechi-ryori was pretty good.  after dinner, we went shopping in ikebukuro and took sticker pictures, or purikura (purinto kurabu).  and i had one of the best foods ever.  EVAR!  bakudan.  it’s a huge takoyaki that they cover in different toppings.  amazing.
  • we spent most of the rest of the trip just shopping around tokyo and hanging out.  we kinda splurged a little bit on our last day in harajuku. but it was worth it.  we are both proud owners of bape sweatshirts.  on a side note, i didn’t know that bape had a longer name than “a bathing ape.”  it’s actually “a bathing ape in lukewarm water.”  strange name, cool stuff.
  • mickie leaving was sad, but i know that we’ll do it again soon.  work permitting (for her), she will be visiting during golden week in japan.  golden week is basically a week of no work in japan.  it’s 3 consecutive national holidays, followed by 2 days of almost everyone using vacation time.  first week of may, i get to see her again!
  • also, i’ve been planning my first trip home.  i think i will arrive in the states on july 27th, one day before i turn 26.  geeze, i’ll be right in the thick of the mid-20s.  anyways, i’ll be home from july 27th to about august 15th or so.  then i’ll take another week off in japan cuz grant is coming back with me!  we are gonna tear tokyo down!

that was a lot of information, but then again, it wasn’t that much.  if anyone is interested, here is a link to the album mickie made of our trip. she’s putting her new nikon d60 to good use!

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  1. So jealous! I wish I were back in Japan again visiting too! I saw all the good food Mickie took pictures of and started drooling. p.s. tell her i think her album is awesome!



  2. yay! glad you had fun brother… hope i get to see you when you come home


    your favorite sister

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