ichikashi's 30th anniversary

Posted on Dec. 1, 2008 by geoffropuff

so i had to work this past saturday, which kinda sucked cuz it was a saturday, but all in all not that bad.  it was the 30th anniversary of our high school, ichiritsu kashiwa koukou (ichikashi for short), so we had a pretty big ceremony.  all the teachers attended, all the students attended, and even people from the board of education and the japanese government attended.  it was a pretty big deal.  of course there were speeches and the normal boring affair, but there was also a mini-concert.  ichikashi has one of the best brass bands in japan, actually winning the national competition last year, so we got to see a few of their songs.  i’m not much of a fan of brass bands or anything of that sort, but wow.  this high school band can rival most university bands back in the states.

30th anniversary dinner ceremony

anyways, after the ceremony was dinner.  the students all went home, but the teachers and VIPs went to the maria-something-or-other hotel where we had a dinner party in their grand ballroom.  the food was buffet style and very good, and we got free booze.  at one point during the dinner, i saw people walking around with bottles of beer in their hands.  these aren’t the normal 12oz size bottles, but the tall bottles of about 20-26ozs.  i thought, man these teachers know how to party, but i was mistaken.  apparently in japan, you NEVER pour your own drink.  you always pour drinks for other people.  it’s a sign of respect, and even just a conversations starter.  if your glass is full, you better take a quick couple gulps to make room cuz they’re pouring regardless how full your glass is.  and don’t even think about turning it down.  that’s like a slap in the face.

meat plate must pour

after dinner, some of the teachers and i went to a bar to continue the party.  it was just about 8 of us guys, and a lot of fun.  i think that’s the first time i’ve gotten crazy drunk since i got here.  i also learned that my fellow teachers smoke a LOT.  geeze, the 2 ashtrays were overflowing.  pretty gross, but apparently very common.  i also learned that one of the teachers is very crazy.  he kept yelling “african girl” and “big tits” because he met an african/african american girl at that bar before.  it’s okay to yell that kind of stuff at a normal bar, but this bar is where all the foreigners in our city go to drink.  next time he might get socked in the face.

all in all, good times were had.  and i got to have monday off as a replacement holiday.  well, until next time.

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  1. I like how the original intent of this blog was to post a review of Tito’s Tacos. Anyways, keep posting! I want to keep up with your crazy adventures in Japan.



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