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Posted on Nov. 10, 2008 by geoffropuff

this blog has a new purpose starting today.  well, to be honest, i only posted once before this so it didn’t really have a purpose to begin with.  nonetheless, a purpose after not having one is still a new purpose.  think i can say purpose any more times in this first purposeful sentence?  i did it on purpose…okay, enough.

like i said, the new purpose for this blog is for me to educate my friends and family about life in japan.  i can’t promise that i’ll make constant updates, as my life is pretty darn boring, but i’m hoping that because i don’t email everyone all the time, it might be nice for people to check in on how i’m doing.

that all said, today was uneventful as usual.  i gave interview tests to 2 classes on the lessons we’ve been learning for the past month and a half.  the students did surprisingly well.  actually, i take that back.  some students did extremely well, but the average was meh.  i think part of it was the bottom of the barrel students.  the following is a pretty humorous interview test.

so i would ask each student the following things:
1) what is your name?  do you belong to a club?  yes: what club do you belong to?  no: what do you do afterschool.
2) when you do you feel happy/sad/angry/frightened?
3) what do you think about video games/chinese food/smoking/horror movies/etc.?
4) how many students are in your class/days in december/what is your height/how old are you/etc.?  (questions involving numbers)
5) please read the following numbers to me: choices include numbers from 1-1,000,000, but mostly numbers in the 10,000s and lower

well, i know that was already a long explanation that probably lost most of you, but here’s the humorous part.  this is what went down today
me: “what do you think about chinese food?”
student: (thinks to herself) “yes!”
me: “no, what do you THINK about chinese food?”
student: “mabo dofu.”
me: “no, no.  i think chinese food is delicious.  i think korean food is spicy.  what do you think about chinese food?”
student: “mabo dofu!”
me: “no.  do you like chinese food?”
student: “yes”
me: “do you think chinese food is delicious?”
student: “yes”
me: “repeat after me: i think chinese food is very delicious”
student “i think chinese food is very delicious…mabo dofu?”
me: “that’s great.  please read these numbers for me.”

there you have it.  a month’s worth of studying english.  hope that was entertaining.  until next time.

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