basketball and freezing

Posted on Nov. 23, 2008 by geoffropuff

like the name of this post, i want to talk about basketball and freezing.  they are not related topics, just two things that have affected my week.

basketball: i had asked the bball coach at the high school if i could practice with the team.  i wanted to have some extra bonding time with the students, as well as get to play my beloved game of roundball.  unfortunately, i forgot just how much running you do in high school basketball.  i practiced on tuesday, was too sore to practice on wednesday or thursday, and then when i was ready for friday, i found out that they weren’t practicing and only “training.”  “training” = running.  A LOT.  so i skipped out!  i guess i’ll stick to my usual 3-on-3 games on sunday nights.

freezing: it’s freezing in japan.  not literally, yet.  but it got down to about 3 degrees C, which is about 37 degrees F.  that means it’s very soon going to dip below freezing temperatures.  living in southern california my whole life has been both a blessing and a curse.  it’s a blessing cuz the weather is nice all year long!  it never deviates from between 50-85.  i mean, it gets kinda cold and kinda hot, but always a more moderate version of what else is out there.  it’s awesome if you stay there forever.  unfortunately, i’m not in socal.  i am in japan where the temperature range is a bit larger (20-105), and i’m in a more temperate region of japan…  long story short, i may not be the coldest person on the planet, but i’m the coldest i’ve ever been.  gonna try and buy a jacket tomorrow…

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2 Responses to “basketball and freezing”

  1. buy long underwear, too if you can


    Your favorite sister

  2. hahaha any more recent forays into the high school basketball world? where do you play sunday nights? wooden bball is getting big btw, we have like 15-25 ppl now. stay in shape so we can ball when you get back!



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