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hiatus over, more old stuff

Posted on May. 30, 2011 by geoffropuff. 1 Comment

my hiatus is over, hopefully.  in april, i started teaching a lot of writing classes, which means a LOT of correcting papers.  i just honestly didn’t have a lot of time to blog while at work.  now that mickie has moved home, and i’ve found my groove in paper correction, i hope to get some blogging in.  like before, though, i’m going to try and catch up with stuff that i did a while ago.  in this case, thanksgiving.

thanksgiving dinner 2010

that's what i call thanksgiving.

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the aftermath

Posted on Apr. 13, 2011 by geoffropuff. No Comments

this is a followup to my post about my earthquake experience: so i have a question for you all: what’s the first thing that people do in emergency situations?  if you answered “LOOT!” then you’re probably from los angeles, california.  and no, “overdose on potassium iodide” is also wrong.  the correct answer is HOARD.  i guess correct isn’t quite the word because it inherently implies that it’s the correct thing to do, which it isn’t.  but i digress, immediately following the earthquake the markets, convenience stores, and drug stores were bare shelved, legally.  no meat, no milk/tea/juice/etc., no bread, no rice, no veggies, no eggs, nothing.  mickie and i ate canned soup, packaged ramen, and spam for a week.

earthquake no meat

no meat.

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the big one

Posted on Mar. 24, 2011 by geoffropuff. 3 Comments

in my last post, i said i didn’t want to talk about the earthquake but my site’s traffic history spiked since the earthquake [the kobe earthquake photo (which i borrowed from google images.  sorry for stealing your traffic, random blog!) ended up bringing a few thousand visitors to this humble little blog.] so obviously there’s some interest.  i guess i will talk about my experience with the earthquake and all related issues.

earthquake mess 1

the worst of the damage in our teachers' room.

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zauo, the fishing restaurant

Posted on Mar. 17, 2011 by geoffropuff. 1 Comment

sorry, sensory overload on the earthquake stuff.  instead, hear about zauo, the fishing restaurant!  there’s a lot of good food in japan: sushi and sashimi, kobe beef, katsus of all kinds, sukiyaki and other hotpots, cooked fish, etc., but if i had to choose one restaurant to give someone a strictly japanese experience, i’d choose zauo, the fishing restaurant.

zauo entrance

a rather plain but lively sign that doesn't do the restaurant justice.

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homemade ramen burger

Posted on Mar. 3, 2011 by geoffropuff. No Comments

i thought i had written a blog post about the ramen burger i ate at an ikebukuro matsuri, but after looking through the archives, i guess i didn’t.  instead, i had written a blurb and submitted it to the culinary ambassador corps section of the serious eats blog.  while it hasn’t been published, here’s what it would look like if it HAD been posted:

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my beard: a love story

Posted on Mar. 1, 2011 by geoffropuff. 4 Comments

from approximately the time that kay delivered me the beardhead from tak, i started growing a real beard.  here’s the progression that it took from start to finish.

july 8 beard

july 8: no shaving for 2 weeks.

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tokyo disney sea halloween celebration

Posted on Feb. 24, 2011 by geoffropuff. No Comments

i already talked about disney sea but this time was the halloween celebration.  i’ll spare you the long description of our day and just cover the halloween stuff and other interesting stuff.  first of all, something i didn’t cover last time is the train.  disney has it’s own train/tram that runs between the resort, the 2 parks (disneyland and disney sea), and the JR station, and this train is disney’d out.

mickie and the disney train

the windows,

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taichi saotome swordfighting his shadow

Posted on Feb. 21, 2011 by geoffropuff. No Comments

remember i wrote about saotome taichi’s obaachan posse?  well, here’s something of his that i found on the neatorama blog.  the show that i watched was a cliched feudal japan drama with lame overacting.  i would have enjoyed his show MUCH more if he had done cool stuff like this:


Posted on Feb. 9, 2011 by geoffropuff. No Comments

no, not the snow day that schools in the midwest have that shut down operations, but just a snowy day.  it’s pretty effing cold and the snow is falling as hard as i’ve ever seen in person.

snow day trees

it's not blurry, there's just that much snow.

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gangsta vending machine

Posted on Feb. 7, 2011 by geoffropuff. No Comments

vending machines are all over the place in japan.  they’re on every street, on every train platform, near almost every building, they’re everywhere.  there’s tons of different kinds of them, selling everything from drinks and food to clothes and toys.  as many of them as i’ve seen up til now, yesterday was the first time i’ve seen an lcd touchscreen on a machine.

japanese lcd vending machine

an lcd screen on a jidohanbaiki (vending machine).

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